Living Traditions…

Once again we have paid careful attention to the range of authentic skill and craft demonstrators at the Festival and we’re delighted to welcome a wide array of fascinating participants. We’re sure you will enjoy watching and talking to them.


Around the Old Harbour


GalGael - As the tide went out of the shipbuilding industry of Govan, many were left in the community without work and meaning, roots were being lost and values became ever more blurred. GalGael has created a cultural anchor point around which local people are rekindling skills, community and a sense of purpose. Come and see the traditional crafts being developed including woodwork, boat building, stonecarving and woolcrafts – all being successfully embraced by members of the community and in so doing, nurturing their life skills and wellbeing.


The Faering Project and PORT – Come along and see how the boys and girls involved in the Banff Area Small Schools Sailing Initiative and the Faering Project team are progressing with their boat building. (See page xx for more information). Watch out too for the initiation of work on the fifie, Girl

Katie in preparation for her planned participation in the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Pageant on the River Thames next year.Tim Palmer


Tim Palmer – showing basket weaving of fishing related baskets including eel traps, long line baskets and back creels. A passionate teacher, watch and talk to Tim: he’ll be delighted to tell you about his craft.


Nigel Gray – a traditional rigging expert and brilliant demonstrator of this very specialised craft.

The Coracle Society – experts who can tell you much about these most ancient craft. With evidence of their existence going back into pre-history, these small, keel-less boats were traditionally made as a basketwork frame, covered with animal hide. Watch them being constructed and perhaps have a go at paddling these unique little craft in the harbour. Not as easy as it looks!


Jim Shears – traditionally the blacksmith played as vital a role in boat building as he(or she) does on the farm. Watch Jim at work with all the noise and smoke his craft involves!


Moray Firth Partnership – Come along and learn about the Partnership’s mission which is to promote the sustainable development and integrated management of the natural, economic, recreational and cultural resources of the Moray Firth area in order to retain and enhance a high quality of life for all its residents.


Ocean Youth Trust Scotland – take young people age 12 to 14 to sea on its three ocean going yachts with voyages ranging from a weekend to longer journeys to Iceland or Scandinavia.


At the Salmon Bothy

Twist Fibre Crafts Studio - Dedicated to rekindling an interest in traditional fibre crafts; spinning, knitting, weaving and natural dyeing.

Adrift - Wooden & Recycled Gifts by Susan Connon

The Carvery - Chainsaw Sculpture by Garry Shand.  All the timber used comes from sustainable, responsibly managed U.K. forests.  Carved pieces include seats, signs, and animals.

Attic Creations by Joyce Edwards - Joyce concentrates on making beautiful jewellery, mainly from fresh water pearls, semi-precious stones and sterling silver. and handbags and accessories, from pretty upholstery fabric, genuine Harris Tweed and Scottish Tartan.


Something Corny – by Elaine Lindsay - Unusual straw gifts as well as traditional straw works; natural and environmentally friendly.


Clavis Jewellery – by Robin Key - Gold and silver jewellery, one of a kind custom designs and commissions, hand crafted in Scotland. 


Mark Abbott - showing hand turned crafts - pens, fountain pens, bottle stoppers bowls, pestle and mortars etc 


Gabrielle Reith -  is a multi talanted artist who works with many different artforms including prints. Together with Morag and Aubin below, the three girls call themselves Affa Fine Quines and they are going to get you , the public, involved in the making!


Morag McGee -  is a very talanted ceramic artist with work very closely related to the North East of Scotland and she portraits with fantastic skill the working communities of the area.


Aubin Stewart - runs Aubeebop Jewellery and the Junction Art Gallery in Aberdeen. she produces unique and contemporary jewellery made from silver and acrylics.


Kathryn Abrahams -  Laizy Daisy Glass produces colourful art decorations from fused glass and  she also works with dichroic glass.


Alan Bailey – exquisite handmade silver jewellery and objects.


Keith Kilt and Textile School – showing the different traditional crafts you can learn in their education programme.


Sally Williams – will show spinning the traditional way. She is also a wever and dyer.


Lesley Boyd – pictures, scarves, cushions and dolls all with hand painted silk.


Gordon Woodworkers – wood turning demonstration.


Anne Doble – Artinkulate handmade fridge magnets


Jenny Gun - Nature of Things, handmade floral cards.


Moray Firth Partnership – The Moray Firth Partnership will be back in force again this year, with its own stand at the harbour and the MF Gansey Project display in the Living Traditions Marquee.  Do bring along your ganseys and any old pictures of people wearing or making ganseys to help identify the different patterns used around the Moray Firth.  They look forward to meeting folk from fishing and seafaring families, anyone interested in maritime heritage and of course a keen knitter or two!
"Ganseyfest"- their international gansey seminar will be held in Inverness on 01 and 02 October, with a great mix of speakers, classes and demonstrations, culture and craft, fibres and fashion.  see


Museum of Scottish Lighthouses – the Fraserburgh based award winning museum


Trista McGarvey – “Drifted” driftwood work


Rhona Palmer - Blue Fish Design: individual and innovative accessories.


Gordon Highlanders Museum – working to keep the great legacy of the Gordon Highlanders alive.